TikToker shares how to get the perfect poached eggs without a pan

Britons absolutely love their eggs, to the extent of eating more than 12 billion of them collectively each year – that’s around 200 eggs per person every 12 months.

But despite their unfussy nature, eggs can often be fiddly to get right, especially when they’re poached.

So with all the rage currently being made over air fryers, there are now some super simple ways to get those perfect results in a matter of minutes, and thankfully one TikToker has shared their method.

@airfryerUK1, an account with over 100,000 followers that’s dedicated to all the tips and tricks for using air fryers, has shared a video of how to get the perfect poached eggs.

In the video, the cook sprays their glass dishes with a bit of olive oil before filling the small containers with boiled water from the kettle, to just above halfway.

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One particular note of caution here, however: just as many of the comments on the video point out, there is some glass you shouldn’t put in an air fryer as it could shatter.

It’s best to use oven-safe or tempered glass, which can withstand the high temperatures of the air fryer.

Once these are sprayed with olive oil and filled halfway with water, crack in the egg, making sure you don’t break the yoke – that would be a yoke that isn’t funny.

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The video then instructs you to pop in your filled ramekins for six minutes on air fryer mode at 200C.

Finally, drain out all the water and there you have it: the perfect poached eggs.

All you need now is a piece of toast and you have yourself the best poached eggs on toast with minimum fuss.

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