Make the ‘best scrambled eggs’ in ‘under a minute’

According to Egg Info, scrambled eggs are the best way to eat eggs according to a nationwide survey, with over half of Brits (49 percent), claiming it is their favourite egg dish. 

But, making scrambled eggs is a challenge, luckily professional chef and culinary instructor Frank Proto, has shared a step-by-step guide on Epicurious’ YouTube channel. 

In the video, he said: “We’re talking glistening, silky, creamy scrambled eggs – not the dry burnt kind. 

“My perfect scrambled eggs are creamy and silky, not fluffy – I don’t like fluffy eggs.” As for how he makes them, Frank added: “My secret to perfect scrambled eggs is butter, timing and a little bit of love.” 

There are two steps to making scrambled eggs; 1. beating the eggs and 2. cooking the eggs.

1. Beating the eggs 

Frank said: “I like to take my eggs out of the fridge about 15-20 minutes before I cook them. Not only do they whisk better together, they also cook a little quicker. 

“I have three eggs in the bowl. I’m going to whisk my eggs with a fork, it won’t incorporate too much air into the eggs – this way they stay nice and silky, not fluffy. 

“I like to beat my eggs until they’re just combined and then I stop. No extra air in there.” 

2. Cooking the eggs 

The chef explained: “Scrambled eggs can take under a minute to cook so it’s really important to have everything you need laid out in front of you; I have my butter, I have my seasoning, I have a towel just in case and I have my eggs ready to go. 

“So I’m going to preheat my pan and I’m using a non-stick pan. But believe it or not, if you don’t preheat the pan, the eggs tend to stick. 

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“I like to get some fat or oil in there and then cook my eggs. My pan is nice and hot, it’s over medium heat, I’m going to use a fair amount of unsalted butter – the butter gives eggs flavour and then I can control how much salt goes into them. You can use vegetable oil instead of butter, but there’s no flavour in that.” 

After adding a “nice big knob of butter” to the pan, it doesn’t need to be “fully melted”, it just needs to “coat the bottom of the pan” and then add the beaten eggs. 

Frank continued: “I’m going to add a little bit of salt now – I like to add my salt while my eggs are still liquid, this way the salt melts into the eggs. Move the eggs into the centre and then around the pan. 

“You have a few choices at this point, you can have big silky curds or small curds, it’s totally up to you but I like my curds to be a little on the larger side.” 

The chef added: “I usually stop cooking when my eggs are no longer liquid. I don’t want these to be wet, I want them to be creamy and shiny. Eggs do overcook so you want to take them out of the pan. 

“Onto a plate, and at this point, I like to add a little bit of black pepper for flavour and then I take a little knob of butter to melt into the eggs. The melted butter will make the scrambled eggs even richer than they are.” 

As for how everyone’s scrambled eggs turned out, Matteblack said: “Thank you very much chef Frank. I tried it today and it was amazing!” 

Joy added: “Yes they ARE perfect! Thanks for the tip!” Someone else claimed: “This is the best scrambled egg video on youtube.”

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