You can lose 5cm of belly fat in one week with easy method, expert claims

Losing weight does not have to mean hours and hours of cardio or forcing yourself into a restrictive diet.

It’s totally possible to see the pounds fall off with just a few very manageable lifestyle changes.

Abraham Khodadi, known on YouTube as @AbrahamThePharmacist, believes that people can slim down in a matter of days with one simple diet trick. In a YouTube short entitled ‘How to lose belly fat in one week and weight fast’, he shared his findings.

It won’t require an expensive new gym membership or any special superfoods – the method is totally free. 

Abraham said: “Try this hack to lose 5cm of belly fat and lose 0.5kg – 1kg every single week.”

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Abraham told slimmers they should have three meals a day on this weight loss plan, but use only their hands to portion their food.

Often people portion their meals according to their own personal tastes: a generous helping of refined carbs but a slightly meagre portion of veggies.

However, Abraham’s method stops this in its tracks. In every meal slimmers must have a portion of starchy carbohydrates the size of one fist.

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Each meal will also contain one palm-sized portion of lean protein. Vegetables or salad must amount to one cupped handful.

@AbrahamThePharmacist has shared a longer video entitled ‘How to lose belly fat and reduce weight fast diet plan’, which offers a deep dive into the diet for those who wish to try it.

In this video he claimed that dieters can see some transformative results simply using his portioning hack.

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He said: “After six weeks the diet has been proven to reduce your dangerous visceral fat by 14 percent, reduce your blood pressure, reduce your cholesterol and help you shrink your waistline by up to 5cm without doing any additional exercise.”

On this diet plan slimmers are still able to enjoy snacks, with fruit being the “go to” choice. Slimmers can enjoy two fist-sized portions of fruit per day, whether this is fresh, canned or in water.

Dieters can also consume half a pint of skimmed or semi-skimmed milk or two pots of plain yoghurt. 

Those hoping to lose weight should do so safely and healthily, consulting a doctor before starting a weight loss plan.

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