Natalie Cassidy looks incredible after running second marathon

Natalie Cassidy is an EastEnders legend, having placed Sonia Fowler in the iconic soap opera since 1993.

Over the years she has fluctuated in weight which the soap star has addressed publicly.

Natalie reportedly lost weight by adopting a healthy diet and also incorporating exercise into her life, the latter becoming hugely important to her as a two time marathon runner.

The Sun reported that the actress’ “downfall” when it came to snacking was cheese, crisps and dips.

A friend of Natalie’s told Now magazine that she also ditched takeaways in favour of home cooked meals.

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Natalie released two weight loss DVDs in 2007 and 2013 called Then and Now and The Perfect Ten.

While she was able to lose a lot of weight in a short space of time – plus make a lot of money – the star later regretted it.

She explained that you are “losing a lot of weight in a three or four-month period, twelve or sixteen weeks, low calories and training every day” but suggested that it was unsustainable.

“As soon as that DVD came out, I ate for England. I put all the weight back on in eight weeks,” she said on Comfort Eating with Grace Dent.

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Nowawadays, Natalie maintains a strong, toned physique through her long distance running.

In March 2023 she ran her second marathon – the first being in 2019 – raising money for Alzheimer’s Research UK’ in memory of EastEnders’ Dame Barbara Windsor.

In April Natalie celebrated her incredible wins, taking a snap of her four running medals alongside the caption: “Two marathons and two half marathons. I have never ever been a sporty person. I have always been ridiculed for my ever changing weight.

“I’ve woken up this morning and genuinely cannot believe I’ve collected these medals. I promise you- I am not a natural runner. If you put your mind to something you can do it. Whatever that is.

“Two years ago today I took my precious dad out of this world. I genuinely thought I wouldn’t be able to go on without him. But I have, and once again, your mind is a powerful thing. Whatever you are going through right now. Or whatever you would like to achieve – YOU CAN DO IT. Happy Monday people.”

At the beginning June, Natalie took to Instagram admitting that she “hadn’t done an ounce of exercise since I ran the marathon [March]”.

She revealed that she was dancing, being “merry” and having a great time without feeling guilty, but wanted to do a bit of exercise ahead of her nephew’s wedding.

“Tonight I went in the lounge, put some Afrobeats on and did about four songs worth of different bits and pieces, so yeah, I feel proud of myself.”

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