Senator’s Battle is considered the easiest escape game

Most of the teams who are playing the escape games at escapehour would prefer to play a game which they can win within the allowed time of sixty minutes . Hence they would like to choose a game which is easy to complete, especially if they are playing escape games for the first time. While there are other escape games at Edmonton, Escape Hour claims that the Senator’s battle is the easiest locker room for the players. So for the convenience of those who want to know more about the theme of the escape room in Edmonton a detailed description is provided below.

For Senator’s Battle, the players are divided into two teams who battle it out against each other. At least two players are required to play this game, and a maximum of sixteen players can play this game together. Team members should be at least nine years old. The theme of the Senator’s battle is finding out whether a reputed senator is connected in any way to a secretive brotherhood, the Freemasons. Some of the top rated detectives from FBI have been assigned to a probe which will investigate the relationship between the senator and the secretive brotherhood, whether only rumors are spread or there is proof of the relationship.

The team playing the game can choose to play in either battle mode or solo. Within the sixty minutes of time allocated, the players in each team will compete with each other to find the information they require. Specifically they would like to get access to top secret profiles of the brotherhood members and the senator, to determine the personal and other relationships. This will help to find out for how long the senator and brotherhood members have been interacting with each other, whether they have personal, financial or business relationships or both.

Exploring the senators connection will also help to find out who is controlling the senator’s election as well as other elections in the country. The players have to make a choice, whether they would like justice for all, so that the elections are free for all, or keep the details of the brotherhood secret. If the detectives assigned to the case are not exposing the brotherhood, it may soon control the entire country, resulting in the loss of freedom. The Senator’s battle escape game is not available at the escapehour facility at Calgary, so many escape game lovers from Calgary are visiting Edmonton to play this and other games.