World’s best Kobe beef is coming to a new restaurant for an eye-watering price

Aragawa and its world-famous Kobe beef found a new home in London’s Clarges Street in Mayfair and could set meat lovers back a whopping £900.

The prestigious specialists are celebrated in Japan for their exquisite offering of Tajima heifer meat, a premium breed of Kobe beef.

About the new opening, Aragawa’s founder Kotaro Ogawa said: “We are bringing the best quality meat, something you rarely see even in Japan.

“This means the cost of the meat is very high. We are not just overpricing it because it is London.”

Given the restaurant’s extensive wine list featuring Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Champagne from Grand Cru vineyards, bills could easily surpass £1,000 per diner.

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But the star of the show is the Tajima beef, a key specialty of Aragawa, which undergoes strict certification by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries.

The certification criteria encompass factors such as marbling, texture, and the age of the cow, which must be at least 28 months, although Ogawa stated the restaurant’s meat is aged well beyond this requirement.

Similar to the original Aragawa located in Tokyo’s Minato City district, the meat at the London branch will be expertly grilled over binchotan white charcoal, which is imported from Japan and used in a dedicated kiln.

The chef will season the meat with a simple combination of salt and pepper and serve it alongside seasonal vegetables.

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Heading the kitchen will be steak master Kazuo Imayosh, who has dedicated his entire career to Aragawa and has relocated to London for the restaurant’s grand opening.

The Tokyo Aragawa restaurant, established by Ogawa in 1967, follows the tradition of many eateries in Tokyo, focusing on perfecting a single dish.

The menu at the original Aragawa in Tokyo starts at a minimum of £500.

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