Queen Camilla still ‘dreams of’ two of her favourite childhood dishes

Queen Camilla has likely dined in some of the world’s finest restaurants, but she still “dreams” about one meal she used to enjoy as a little girl.

In an interview with You Magazine, she spoke to Tom Parker Bowles – food writer, food critic and her own son – about her culinary habits, from her favourite foods to ones she “can’t bear”, plus her go-to meal when cooking for herself.

Many will remember school dinners as being a bit watery and dull, but Queen Camilla has very fond memories of what she used to eat in her early days.

The Queen suggested that her schooling might have sparked a love for cooking too.

Camilla said: “At my first school, Dumbrells in Ditchling, East Sussex, the food was, surprisingly, excellent.

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“Lots of steamed puddings and we were allowed to help the cook once a week in getting lunch ready.”

Despite having likely sampled some of the finest cuisines in the world, the Queen still “dreams of their potato and cheesecake”.

Camilla’s love of food and being in the kitchen was also a result of her family environment.

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She revealed that she took a very hands-on approach, guided by her parents.

Camilla said: “I grew up in a very happy home, with good food at its heart. I still just about remember rationing, but we grew everything from tomatoes and melons to peas, beans, carrots and new potatoes.

“One of my earliest memories is podding those peas and beans with my mother, an accomplished cook.”

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Kate, Princess of Wales gets her three little ones involved in cooking, explaining that it helps them become more independent.

In a conversation with Mary Berry in 2019, Kate said: “We grow our own vegetables, we’ve got carrots, beans – beetroot’s a massive favourite, Louis absolutely loves beetroot.

She joked that little Princess Charlotte “obviously loves her Charlotte potatoes”.

The royals have also been known to whip up a delicious cheesy pasta together, or homemade pizza dough courtesy of Mary Berry’s cookbook.

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