‘I tried the viral method for perfectly peeled boiled eggs and it blew my mind’

You’ve been boiling eggs wrong the whole time

A woman has been left mind-blown after trying out a viral egg-peeling hack and discovering it worked.

A TikToker, who goes by the name smallbizcassie, shared the video and asked her followers: “Is the viral egg-tapping hack the secret to perfectly boiled eggs? Let’s try it.”

To do the egg hack, first, you need to get a raw egg, she said, which according to experts should never be stored in the fridge.

Next, you tap the shell on the bottom of the egg with a spoon.

“You need to find the bottom of it and tap that until you hear a crack,” she said.

The TikToker said this is the membrane separating from the shell, which is supposed to make the peeling process easy.

She went on: “So you’re gently tapping the eggs, you’re not actually cracking the shell.”

After tapping several of the eggs until she heard a crack, she then boiled them in a pan.

Describing how she boils eggs, she said: “I put just enough water in the pan to cover the eggs and then I put on the lid and bring it to a rolling boil.”

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@smallbizcassie Does the viral egg tapping hack work for perfectly boiled eggs? ������������ ������Thank you @aymlessleigh84 for sharing this hack!@aymlessleigh84 #egghack #cookinghacksthatwork #boiledegg #boiledegghack #howto #eggs ♬ original sound – smallbizcassie

Next, she said she turned off the heat and let the eggs sit in the pot with the lid on for about 15 minutes.

“I’ve tried lots of different methods but I’ve never gotten but I’ve never got the shell to come off the egg without tearing up the egg whites.

“So this was a surprise.”

After taking the eggs out of the pan, she began peeling the shells.

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She said: “This gets a yes from me because my eggs always come out with the egg white torn up and this one came out perfect.”

The TikToker held up the two peeled-boiled eggs, showing that the hack does work.

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