I tried supermarket’s own-brand chocolate and compared them to Cadbury

Cadbury promote Dairy Milk Chocolate Buttons in 2000 advert

To put different chocolates to the test, I sampled M&S’ Belgian chocolate bar, Tesco’s milk chocolate bar, Asda’s milk chocolate bar and Sainsbury’s milk chocolate bar.


Asda’s milk chocolate bar comes in at £1.20 for a 200g bar and can be purchased in white and dark chocolate too.

This bar was easy to crack but didn’t easily melt in the mouth.

It also left a slightly strange aftertaste compared to other brands like Cadbury, but I could get used to it.

Cadbury’s equivalent bar size is £2 which is a huge 80p more than Asda’s own brand.

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Overall, this wasn’t my favourite chocolate but I use it for baking which works perfectly well.


Sainsbury’s milk chocolate bar is £1.30 for a 200g bar so 10p more than Asda’s but still 70p cheaper than Cadbury’s.

This chocolate bar was much nicer than Asda’s and melted in the mouth much more easily.

It also had a lovely taste which didn’t taste too artificial like some chocolates can.

The chocolate had a perfect texture and also melted really lovely when I used it for baking.

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Tesco’s milk chocolate bar is £1.20 for 200g, the same as Asda’s bar. It also claims to be silky and smooth but the chocolate was far from that.

The bar was quite hard to bite into and break and was also slightly grainy in the mouth. It didn’t melt very well either and I found myself chewing it to break it up.

I was quite disappointed with this because it tasted so different to Asda’s and Sainsbury’s. The chocolate bar from Sainsbury’s was £1.30

Marks and Spencer

Due to not living close to a Morrisons supermarket, I decided to try M&S’ cheapest chocolate to see how it compared to the rest, and to Cadbury’s.

This chocolate bar was a whopping £2.10 for a 180g bar but is made using Belgian chocolate. There was a huge difference biting into this chocolate compared to the rest and it was rich, creamy and smooth.

It melted lovely in the mouth but I didn’t love how all of the chocolate squares were shaped into different sizes.

This was definitely my favourite chocolate, even more so than Cadbury’s, but for the best price, I would pick Sainsbury’s.

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