‘I tried McDonald’s new autumn menu and it’s the best yet’

McDonald’s lovers have been treated to a selection of new menu items this month made up of exclusive dishes and re-modelled fan favourites.

The range launched on October 18 and includes two limited-edition burgers, a cheesy side, and four special desserts – all of which are on offer for a short time only.

I was lucky enough to try the range on the day of their debut, and it didn’t disappoint for fans of the discontinued Chicken Legend, like myself.

Out of all the seasonal McDonald’s foods I tried, the McCrispy BBQ Steakhouse burger stole the show as the perfect replacement for the axed sandwich dish.

In fact, I’d say it was even better. And the surprises didn’t stop there with several other foods gaining a generous rating for their flavour.

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As part of a big menu shake-up back in October 2022, six popular items were permanently axed from the fast food chain’s menu. This included the Chicken Legend, Big Tasty, Spicy McNuggets, Mozzarella Dippers, and the Twix and Mars McFlurry’s.

One year on, however, and McDonald’s lovers have been treated to two flavoursome replacements for the Chicken Legend and the Twix McFlurry.

McCrispy BBQ Steakhouse

Described as a 100 percent chicken breast fillet burger in a crispy, crunchy coating, the Steakhouse item is complete with a smoky BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, red onion, and lettuce, all sandwiched between a sourdough style sesame bun.

The overall flavour is fresh and light thanks to the sourdough bun and a generous amount of salad, including the crunchy onion. As a fan of BBQ sauce, I found there was plenty of it in the burger which transformed it compared to a plain McCrispy.

A subtle hint of spice from the chicken coating completed the burger and tasted just like the fast food chain’s Chicken Legend – so it’s a perfect replacement for those who miss the discontinued dish.

Rating – 10/10

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Twix Toffee Apple McFlurry

This limited edition McFlurry was one of the most surprising items in the range with a well-balanced flavour of Twix biscuit pieces and slightly sour apple sauce. The soft dairy ice cream is swirled with Twix biscuit and chocolate pieces and topped with fruity sauce to create an explosion of autumnal flavours.

The taste is slightly unusual but even for someone who wouldn’t usually choose a McFlurry, this was worth a try.

Rating – 7/10

Philly Cheese Stack

The second limited edition burger on the October menu is made from two succulent beef patties with a cheese sauce, two cheese slices, grilled and crispy onions and pickles served in a toasted bun.

As the name implies, the McDonald’s creation resembles the American Philly Cheese Steak dish with a strong cheese flavour, though I found this slightly overpowering. While the burger had a nice plump bread bun and lots of fillings, this tasted a bit too dry compared to the sauce-filled Steakhouse burger.

Rating – 5/10

Chilli Cheese Bites Sharebox

Chilli Cheese Bites have been given an upgrade in the autumn menu with the four-pack now available in a 12-piece sharebox. The crispy batter contains gooey melted cheese swirled with chopped green jalapenos and is served with a rich tomato dip.

The returning side dish is well-portioned in the three-person share box size and beats Mozzarella Dippers in terms of their texture.

Rating – 8/10

Toffee Apple Donut

McDonald’s fans can get their hands on this limited edition ring donut that’s filled with toffee apple compote, a crumble topping and a drizzle of toffee sauce. The baked good joined the McFlurry’s and Apple Pie in the range of four desserts on offer this month, and it’s worth a try for the contrasting textures alone.

The crunchy crumble topping is delicious against the soft donut and silky sauce, all of which taste great too. It’s not for those who don’t have a sweet tooth but it’s a crumbly treat for those that do.

Rating – 8/10

Toffee Apple Pie

McDonald’s trademark apple pie has been given a makeover this month with an exclusive toffee twist. Described by the fast food chain as “crispy pastry filled with a spiced apple compote and toffee sauce, with toffee pieces”, the warm pie is extra sweet with added flavour and bound to be a hit with fans of the original recipe.

Rating – 7/10

M&M’s Halloween McFlurry

The latest McFlurry selection includes an M&M flavour with chocolate sauce, crunchy M&M pieces and small candied bat shapes swirled through the soft ice cream. Fans of the sweet treat will love this for the spooky season but it wasn’t up there with the most showstopping additions to McDonald’s limited edition menu.

Rating – 6 /10

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