Genius bread recipe to make ‘best ever’ loaf with ‘minimal amount of effort’

A baking enthusiast has devised a simple and easy way to make the ‘best’ sandwich bread using just five ingredients, as revealed in a TikTok clip.

Content creator @brittkubicki went viral after claiming that her ingenious hack for making bread is “SO easy” and “tastes so damn good!”.

Britt has gained a following of more than 90,000 TikTok users since taking to the platform to discuss her homestead ventures and thoughts on mental health.

A recent clip on baking hacks racked up a whopping 374,000 likes from “breadtok” fans who were inspired to give it a go themselves.

“One of my pet peeves on bread talk is if somebody says I’ve got a super easy bread recipe for you and then it involves having to bloom the yeast and kneading the dough,” Britt explained in the clip.

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“To me, that’s not easy, I wanna throw it in a bowl and leave it alone.”

The first step adding three cups of all-purpose flour to a big bowl before adding one and ½ teaspoons each of salt, instant yeast, and a sweetener of your choice. 

“You can use cane sugar, today I’m using maple syrup because it’s what I have,” Britt noted.

“My favourite sweetener in this bread is honey, it makes an amazing honey sandwich bread um so let’s do that now.”

After combining all the ingredients in the recipient, Britt adds one and ½ cups of water to the mixture, before mixing up all the ingredients with a spoon.

“This is going to be a really tacky wet dough, so be prepared it’s going to stick, and that’s how it’s supposed to be,” she notes. “I’m going to go ahead and we’re gonna cover this and let it sit for two hours. It’s honestly the easier bread recipe.”

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@brittkubicki The ONLY sandwish loaf recipe you need! 5 ingredients, SO easy, and tastes so damn good! #breadtok #breadtokchronicles #homemade #homemadebread #bread #homestead ♬ original sound – Britt K

Next, Britt detaches the dough from the sides of the bowl using a fork, so that the dough comes together into the shape of a ball that is covered with a thin layer of olive oil.

The dough is then pulled up into a cylinder shape and placed into a buttered bread pan before it is let rise for another hour.  

“It’s going to go into a 375-degree oven for 45 minutes, it’s going to get so beautiful in color, so let’s pop her in,” notes the baker.

The result is a golden loaf that Britt cuts in half to reveal a light and fluffy interior, leading fans to gush in the comment section.

“I was gonna buy bread tomorrow but now I’m gonna make this one ’cause I have all the ingredients. this will be my 4th recipe,” wrote one viewer.

“You had me at the most minimal amount of work possible. I’ll definitely make this! Thank you!” exclaimed a second commentator.

“That’s it. IM MAKING BREAD,” another chimed in.

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