Four ‘essential’ steps to cook the ‘best’ chicken breast that’s ‘super moist’

Chicken breasts can easily become chewy, dry or hard if the wrong cooking steps are taken.

However, if treated with a little care during cooking, the results can be juicy and delicious.

Taking to TikTok, professional chef Kelly Scott, also known as @kellyscleankitchen, has shared a video of how to cook chicken breasts as part of a series where she tackles the basics of cooking.

Kelly captioned the video that received over 3.4million views: “How to make the best chicken breast.”

She said: “Today we’re going over the four essential steps to making a chicken breast that isn’t dry, but super flavourful and moist.”

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@kellyscleankitchen How to make the best chicken breast #chickenbreast #chicken #cooking ♬ Stand By Me – Ben E. King

Step one: Prepare the chicken 

When preparing the chicken the chef claimed that the meat needs to be sliced in half. Kelly explained: “Chicken breasts are very uneven, so we’re going to slice it in half and then pound it thinly so it is one even breast and all of it will cook at the same rate.”

From this point, any preferred seasoning can be used on the chicken, but make sure there’s salt. The chef claimed that she likes to use paprika, pepper, garlic powder and thyme.

Step two: Pan-sear the chicken

The next step is to pan-sear the meat for “optimal moistness”. Sear in a stainless steel pan on medium-high heat on the first side.

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Then once it’s golden brown, after about four minutes, flip and lower the heat.

Step three: Lower the heat and add butter

The third step is to “lower the heat to low” and then add in a “glob of butter”.

The butter helps to keep the chicken moist and also doesn’t overcook it because you’re at a low heat.

Step four: Take the temperature of the chicken 

According to Kelly, this is the “most important” step, which is to take the internal temperature. She said: “You wanna pull the meat out at 155F (68C) for chicken breasts.

This is because the meat continues to cook off of the heat, which is what’s known as carryover cooking.

The chef concluded by saying that if these steps are followed, it’ll make “perfect chicken every time”.

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