Ex-McDonald’s worker shares insider tip most customers won’t know

You may have been eating at McDonald’s your whole life but most people don’t know the secrets behind the counter.

A former McDonald’s worker spoke to The Sun about a trick employees use at the fast food chain.

The employee, who worked at a branch in Glasgow, claimed that they occasionally made shortcuts with ingredients when needed.

He suggested: “The majority of the time if we ran out of stock in specific types of onions or lettuce, we would just compromise and hope the customer didn’t notice.

“For example, using dehydrated onions instead of fresh ones and shredded lettuce instead of iceberg.”

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According to the ex-employee, this hack wasn’t exclusive to McDonald’s. He claimed: “This isn’t really a big secret as it happens in almost every industry in the country.”

The former McDonald’s worker also spilled the beans on how customers can get their hands on free food.

While the fast food chain is already pretty inexpensive, a free portion of chips every now and again can definitely feel like a big win.

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Unsurprisingly, the best time to snag free stuff is not in the middle of the day, but rather more inconvenient times.

He claimed that the “best time” to try and get extra food for free is at 4am. This is because workers will be changing over for breakfast.

The McDonald’s insider said they would typically chuck in free fries and nuggets, two absolutely beloved staple items on the menu.

Workers from two professions are more likely to receive free food than others, according to the ex-worker.

He said that police officers would often be given free or discounted menu items.

Taxi drivers might also get a free coffee now and again, with managers feeling sorry for them having to drive around “rowdy” passengers.

Express.co.uk has contacted McDonald’s for comment

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