Yuja Cha

Yuja or yuzu orange, a typical kind of orange that grows in Korea. I replaced the yuzu orange with sunkist and lemon because yuzu are hard to find here, even if you can find them, they are very expensive, so I made this instead.

Nice enjoyed warm and cold with some icd cubes. Hope you like it!

I got the recipe from Youtube but forgot the creator of thd video was ?


  1. 1 sunkist orange
  2. 1 lemon
  3. as needed Honey,


  1. Cut the orange and lemon into 2.

  2. Then slice them thinly.

  3. Get a jar. Put the lemon and orange slice inside. About 7-8 pieces for both.

  4. Then add in some honey aternately.

  5. Put the orange and lemon slices again, put some honey again.

  6. Do until everything is finished.

  7. Put in the fridge. Last up to a week.

  8. To drink it just put about 1-2 tbsp in a mug or cup, then pour in some hot water. Mix. Enjoy.

  9. If you want it cold thdn jist add some ice cubes.

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