Sweet pickled vegetables Japanese style

Please use your favorites vegetables and enjoy sweet pickled vegetables. I made capellini with left over pickles and it was so good.


  1. 5 Cucumber
  2. 100 g Carrots
  3. 200 g Bell pepper
  4. 300 g Daikon radish
  5. 30 g Ginger
  6. 2 Chili pepper
  7. (seasoned)
  8. 500 cc Water
  9. 50 g Salt
  10. (Pickling sauce)
  11. 1 L Water
  12. 500 g Sugar
  13. 200 cc Vinegar


  1. Cut vegetables with bite size pieces. Peel and shred ginger, take seeds out and slice round chili pepper

  2. Place all the vegetables except ginger and chili pepper in a bowl with seasoned liquid to take out extra liquid from vegetables, 2 hours later drain them in a strainer, wash them lightly under running water to take out an extra salt and drain again

  3. Boil 1L of water and 500g sugar (2:1 ratio) in a pot, let it cool and add vinegar, this is a sauce for pickles

  4. Mix well drained vegetables, ginger and chili pepper and pour pickling sauce, leave it in a fridge. It can be eaten from next day to 5 days

  5. If tomatoes are used, prick them so they can be picked well. I made capellini with left over pickles and it was delicious.

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