Soya bean rice/crispy chicken n Raita(yogurt)?

Soya bean rice. Raita(flavour yogurt)with crispy chicken ?


  1. Soya bean rice
  2. 2 cups rice,2 cups soya beans
  3. Soaked in Lukewarm water
  4. 1 onion,5 to 6 green chillies
  5. 2 tbsn ginger garlic n chilli paste. 2 potatoes
  6. 1 cup green peas.few cardamom,blackpepper
  7. Cloves,1 piece CINNAMON.few bay leaves n 1 tbsn cumin.1/2cup oil
  8. 2 tbsn salt.Raita(flavored yogurt with chickpea flour small
  9. dumplings called boondi)2 cups yogurt,1 tsp chilli pwd,
  10. 1 tsp salt.2 tbsn oil
  11. To crackle/baghar (3 to 4 red chilli whole,1tbsn cumin,3 piece
  12. leaves Of garlic sliced n few curry
  13. Chicken MARINADE
  14. 1 kg chicken.3 tbsn ginger garlic n chilli paste
  15. 2 tbsn soya sauce,2 tbsn chilli sauce,2 tbsn red chilli sauce
  16. 1 tbsn ketchup,1 egg,1 tsp garam masala (optional)2 tsp salt
  17. 1 drop red food COLOUR.1 tbsn Kashmiri red chili pwd
  18. Best results if MARINADE 1 day before means overnight
  19. Oil to fry,1 packet crispy coating.2 cups cold water


  1. Soya bean rice.first soak soya bean in Lukewarm water for 5min now take cut onion n put all prepare according to pic.

  2. Now heat oil n add onion with all the masala mix well add 1tbsn salt then add soya/peas n potatoes toss it well n add 2 cups of water mix well adjust salt n cook till rice done along POTATOES.

  3. Now rice is prepared. Pic2 its called boondi(Indian store AVAILABLE)soak in warm water when soft drain the water.add curd.chilli pwd,salt n mix.add little water.

  4. Now take take all the masala in a pan.pic1 this we have to crackle in oil n put on curd mixture.its called baghar.its a sidedish with rice.chicken..MARINADE with the above sauces n spice(I MARINATE 1 day before)

  5. I choose this coating u can choose any 1 AVAILABLE. Now put 2 tbsn of coating in 3 cups of chilled coat the marinade chicken wit dry mixture.

  6. Now dip in cold water mixture. Then again in flour deep fry on low heat then medium heat covering the pan. Keep check.

  7. Ur crispy fry chicken is ready.serve all together n enjoy?

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