Quick smoky fried rice?

Easy n quick smoky FRIED rice goes with all( chicken LOLLIPOPS/grill chiken/beef etc)


  1. 2 cups boiled rice wit 1 tbsp salt n 1 tablespoon oil
  2. 4-5 slit green chillies,1 breast of chicken (cut cubes)
  3. 1 block chicken maggi cube
  4. 2 tbsp garlic 1 tbsn ginger
  5. 4 eggs,1 small onion,1 cup spring onions chopped,2 tbsp
  6. Chilli sauce,3 tbsp soya sauce.oil n salt acc to taste,
  7. 1 tbsn vinegar n 1 piece of coal


  1. First boil the rice(u can also take leftover rice)now cut all finely chillies,onions,garlic,ginger. Now take 4 tbsn oil add all n mix then add chicken pieces n 1 cube of maggi mix well n cook till done.

  2. Now put rice over it add the sauce n VINEGAR n mix n keep on low FLAME. Now take eggs fry them wit little salt then add the FRIED eggs n spring onions to the mixture.mix well

  3. Now take one coal n burn it now put on foil n put 1 tsp of oil n immediately put between RICE n cover the vessel. This will give u smoky rice.serve wit fried chicken/LOLLIPOPS etc

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