Pork loin with mushroom bacon sauce

I hate it when i see keto lovers talk about how much they love eating sausages and eggsevery night like deadshit college students.. this is better.


  1. 1 sexy pork loin
  2. Half a bakers dozen slices of bacon
  3. 200 g field mushrooms
  4. Butter
  5. Salt and pepper
  6. 2 shallots or a few stalks of spring onion
  7. 3 cloves garlic
  8. Parsley
  9. 1/4 cup heavy cream
  10. 1/2 cup home made veal stock


  1. Pork loin rules. The best way to cook any sort of meat is by treating it like you treat a new lover. Pay attention to it. Be gentle at first. So this one get a slow cook and reverse sear method.

  2. Start by dabbing the excess liquid with a paper towel, rubbing it all over with salt and pepper, placing uncovered, on a baking rack in the fridge for 6-8 hours. This promote a lovely texture contrast on the outside of the loin.

  3. Now were going to reverse sear it. What that means is it will be cooked on said rack for no less than an hour in the oven (130c ish, google it motherfucker) until it is just about to hit medium, the benefit to the slow cooking time is the muscle fibres dont tense up like they would in a hotter environment. It will result in a much more tender final product. Which is why your steak or chops curl up on the grill.

  4. Whilst that’s in the oven, cut your mushroom, shallot, bacon and parsley up. As the tenderloin begins to get to medium (don’t own a meat thermometer? Get one, they cost like, $15 dollars. I’m not your mother) heat a cast iron skillet on high heat until smoking, with a high smokepoint oil for best results and less smoke.

  5. Once your loin is almost st medium doneness and resembling one of those gross marsupial babies (you know when they look like worms? Fuckn ew) pull it out and drop it in the pan to brown the outside, should only be about 25-30 seconds each side. Turn the pan down to low and put the meat aside to rest for 7 minutes.

  6. Meanwhile, put the bacon right in to the now porky pan and cook, after about 30 seconds, add in the mushroom, garlic, and shallots.once youve sauteed the veg, dump in a nob of butter, along with the parsley and stir for another 20 seconds.

  7. Add the stock, stir and reduce the liquid by half. Once it reaches an-almost-maple-syrup consistancy, kill the heat and ad the cream, stirring until emulsified.

  8. By now your loin has rested, plate up and serve with basically anything…this pan sauce is so good it will make even the bitter taste of self resentment disappear.

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