Mango banana shake and mango squash


  1. shake recipe
  2. Mango. sugar.lemon juice in squash recipe


  1. Take 2 medium size mango and 2 banana

  2. Make it slice both.than take half liter milk.

  3. Mix all things in blender add sugar add gland yummy milk shake is ready to survey.

  4. Squash method..

  5. Mango 4 big size.make slice and glander make paste

  6. Take a pan than add one cup sugar and mix halfe liter water on it.stir still sugar dessolve than add mango paste on it.

  7. Cook it on medium flame.until it becomes thick.than take a side and cool it.

  8. Now take one class water add 4 tsp mango squash on it.

  9. Delicious home made mango squash is now ready.

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