How Bed Bugs can Ruin Personal and Professional Life

Bed bugs will ruin your revenue and your reputation in industries such as hospitality and care facilities as
well as retail, office space rental, apartment management, office furniture rental business, real estate
closings, and more. you probably get the image. they’ll be anywhere. Prevention/detection is one
of the most effective ways to cut back price before the bugs reach the stage of infestation.

Bed Bug Bite

<a href=””>Bed bug bites</a>
will cause an allergic skin reaction in some people. The skin reaction appears as a bumpy
red inflammation that may discharge fluid. Bed bugs are not known to transmit disease, therefore bug bites are
more of an unpleasant source of discomfort. Treatment for most people is as simple as treating any itch
and letting the body heal itself. In severe cases, the bugs cause hives and welts. Reactions will appear
days once you’re bitten.

Bed bugs have been observed hiding in:
Seams, creases, tufts, and folds of the mattress and box spring
Bed frames and behind the headboard
Behind baseboards
Around door and window casings
Behind electrical and phone switch plates
Between flooring and wall components
Where materials meet to form a gap
In drawers
Upholstered furniture
In and under the carpet
Picture frames


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