Herbal Drink For Stamina

So, I have been feeling unwell these past weeks. I always feel really tired after eating, I feel really tired and my body aches all over the place everytime I woke up in the morning.

Then I saw someone posted this drink on IG one day, she drinks this everytimd she feels sick and I thought I have to give it a shot. So I did.

Because you know, too much chemical medicine is not really good for you right. I ought to drink this everydag until I feel fine.

Stay healthy everyone!


  1. 2 cups water
  2. 1 ginger, clean the roast on a stove until fragrant, cut
  3. 2 turmerics, clean and cut
  4. 2 sticks cinnamon
  5. 5 cloves
  6. 2 pieces star anise
  7. Honey if you like


  1. Put everything in a pan.

  2. Let it boil until thd liquid reduce to 1 cup.

  3. Drink while warm. Serve with honey if you like.

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