Healthy sandwiches ?

Easy healthy sandwichesspecially for kids lunch box.good to enjoy these sandwiches during summer time ?


  1. To make sauce/chutney
  2. 1 cup fresh coconut grated
  3. 1 cup coriander leaves,4 to 5
  4. Green chillies,1 tbsn zeera(cumin)3 piece of garlic
  5. Half lemon juice,salt
  6. Boiled eggs,cucumber,beetroot,onions,boiled POTATOES n tomatoes
  7. Cream cheese,some salt some pepper


  1. Grind the masala add lemon n 1 tsp salt.

  2. Now cut all veggies.(u can add many veggies n even include mozzarella cheese)I didn’t add beetroot n onions as my kids don’t like put chutney/sauce on one side n esemble all veggies then add pinch of salt n pepper. Now the other bread put cream cheese n place on the veggies now take small toothpicks n poke on all four side now cut in between n serve with tomato ketchup or any sauce. Good for kids lunch box.enjoy?

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