Ginger leek pork loin wraps


  1. 1 lb pork loin
  2. 2 inches fresh ginger root
  3. 3-4 cups chopped fresh leeks
  4. 6 garlic cloves
  5. Juice of one lemon
  6. 2 tbsp raw honey
  7. 1 tsp turmeric powder
  8. AP rub (1 cup salt, 1/2 cup granulated garlic, 1/4 pepper)
  9. 1 can chicken broth
  10. 2 tbsp cornstarch slurry


  1. Add 2 cups of leeks, chicken broth, lemon, tumeric, 1 inch ginger root finely grated and 4 garlic cloves finely grated to a crockpot.

  2. Coat all sides of the pork loin with the AP rub and add to the crockpot. The pork loin can be either fresh or frozen, if frozen you will just need to add an extra hour or so of cooking time.

  3. Set crockpot to high for about an hour and switch to low.

  4. After a couple hours turn the pork loin over and check to see if it will start to shred. Pull the pork apart as much as it give. Continue to cook on low for a couple hours.

  5. After about 2 hours shred the pork and mix through all the liquid. Mix up the cornstarch slurry stir in and set the crockpot to high. Add the last bit of leeks and finely grate the remaining ginger and garlic into the the crockpot.

  6. Stir occasionally for about an hour. You want the sauce to thicken and make sure there is no raw cornstarch taste. Reset to low until ready to serve. Check salt level and add more AP rub if needed.

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