Cholam rice (Sorghum rice)


  1. 1 cup cholam or sorghum
  2. 4 cups water


  1. Wash and soak cholam for 10-15 mins

  2. Drain water completely and grind it into coarse powder (70%)

  3. Add this flour to a pressure cooker and mix it with water. Switch on the flame and bring this mixture to boil. Stir occasionally. When it’s boiling Cholam stays at bottom and water comes to top.

  4. At one stage, it gets thick and Cholam mixes well with water. It doesn’t stay at the bottom and we cannot separate water and Cholam.

  5. At this stage close the lid and reduce the flame to low. Cook it for 1 whistle.

  6. As soon as pressure releases, open the lid, mix it well and close it again. Leave it for 5 more mins.

  7. It’s ready to serve now with any side dish. Moong dal goes well with it.

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