Chinese yam spareribs soup

Great for postpartum nourishment diet
Video Instructions:


  1. 1 lb. Spareribs
  2. 1 lb. Chinese Yam (Yamaimo)
  3. 10 g Ginger
  4. 30 g Wolfberry
  5. Some Salt


  1. Peel Chinese yam: (remember to wear a rubber glove! If you do it like me, your hands will feel super itchy!) Brush off the roots with scrubs. Change the water to half water half vinegar, peel then cut into bite size.

  2. Boil the spareribs to get rid of the extra blood and fat.

  3. Panfry spareribs and ginger for a little and then add water, bring to boil. Lower the heat to simmer for 20 mins.

  4. Add Chinese yam, Wolfberry and salt, bring to boil. Lower the heat and cook for another 5 mins.

  5. Ready to serve! Enjoy!
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