Caramelized Roll Buns

I made these because i love to munch. And it is sooo easy to make! #yuyukusairibakes #yuyukusairikooks


  1. Star shaped sugar candy for deco
  2. Oil for frying
  3. Dough wet ingrediants
  4. 1 packet dry yeast
  5. 2 tblspn condensed milk
  6. 2 tblspn white sugar
  7. 1 cup luke warm water
  8. Dough dry ingrediants
  9. 2 tblspn butter
  10. 1 tspn salt
  11. 1 tspn baking powder
  12. 4 cups flour
  13. Caramel sauce
  14. 2 cups Brown sugar
  15. 1/2 cup milk


  1. In a small bowl, mix all the wet ingrediants. Allow the yeast to activate.

  2. Meanwhile, in a another bowl, mix all the dry ingrediant well. Set aside.

  3. Mix both wet & dry ingrediants. Allow it to sit for 1 hour (covered with a clean kitchen towel in a bowl). Beat (box using your fist) the dough after it rises. Let it sit and then set it aside.

  4. Make Dough into little roll (round shape) buns. Deep fry in a hot pan. Let it cool.

  5. In another sauce pan, pour in all the sauce ingrediants until golden brown and thicken. Let it cool.

  6. Once the fried dough & caramel sauce cools, coat the dough with the caramel sauce. Or you can dip it in! Sprinkle the star sugar candy on top. And it is ready to serve.

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