Boozy Kombucha Floats Are the Summer Treat You Never Knew You Always Needed

Okay. I’ll be straight with you: I love kombucha. I love to drink it, I love the flavors, I love the health halo, I love the probiotics. Buuuuuut… I also really like it as a mixer. As someone who doesn’t drink soda or juice, I long ago gave in to the idea of plain seltzer as the only non-alcoholic mixer I could have. But then a coworker explained his devotion to a champagne-kombucha mix (cham-bucha, if you will), and something went off in my head. Of course I should be using ‘buch for cocktails! The ex-bartender inside me was delighted. (Still am, in fact.)

Then, last week, I was flipping through Instagram, when I saw Food52’s post about kombucha ice cream floats. They were gorgeous, and ingenious, and all of those things, but (ex-bartender, remember), I’m always looking for a way to make everything a cocktail. Plus, ice cream! Boozy, fizzy, ice cream-y treats seem like a summer no-brainer.

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So we created three delightfully grown-up ‘buch floats. Obviously, feel free to omit the alcohol if you’re not in the mood, or don’t drink (although, it’s worth noting that all kombucha has a little bit of natural alcohol in it already). Regardless, if it’s a hot day and you could use a cold treat, we think you should try out one of these tasty combinations. We’d recommend about 6 ounces of kombucha to two small-ish scoops of ice cream—and please, feel free to improvise! That’s what summer fun is all about.

Violet Beauregard

blueberry kombucha + lemon sorbet or ice cream + 1 oz vodka

Caramel Apple

apple kombucha + dulce de leche ice cream + 1 oz bourbon

Sweet Cherry Pie

tart cherry kombucha + vanilla ice cream +1 oz white rum

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