Boiled white rice, used a pot with lid

how to cook a boiled white rice, used a pot with lid.
It is useful to have a timer, to measure the time.
(This is Japan style.)


  1. 300 g…rice
  2. 450 cc…water


  1. Wash 300 g of rice with running water.
    Discord the water three times.
    It is okay if the water is clear (see the photo).

  2. Put the washed rice in pot, and add water 450 cc.
    If you have time, leave it for 30 minutes.
    Water penetrates the rice (This will produce good results to the finish.).

  3. Lid a pot, and boil high heat.
    After boiling, change to low heat and cook for 12 minutes.
    (be careful not to char rice…)

  4. Stop fire when time passes.
    Keep it leave the lid for 12 minutes. (to make the rice plump)

  5. Remove the lid and mix the rice.
    This is complete!

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