Baked Bean With Bacon And XO Sauce

A lazy day…All in a pan dish great with plain rice or bread


  1. 6 bacon
  2. 2 tbsp xo sauce
  3. 1 can Heinz Baked bean
  4. Dash Caramelised balsamic vinaigrette
  5. Bunch Thai basil


  1. With some water simmer the bacon till it’s water evaporated about 6 minutes then cook till the bacon are lightly brown another 5 minutes then add in the xo sauce.

  2. Add in the baked bean and bring it to a boil then off heat and garnish with fresh basil and a dash of Caramelised balsamic vinaigrette

  3. My Easy lazy day Dish, simply Enjoy with some bread or plain white rice or pasta

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