Aldi Is Selling “Sweet Bloody Red Wine” For $8 So I Know What I’m Drinking This Halloween

If your store does still have it in stock, Aldi recommends pairing it with good ol’ fashioned Hershey’s chocolate—they added 170-piece bags of Hershey’s miniatures to stores October 2, too.
More recently (October 15, to be exact), Aldi added a $5 Flora and Stone Gewurztraminer wine to stores as an Aldi Find. In case you need another excuse to stock up on sour candy, the white wine is said to taste great with Haribo sour gummies.
As for Aldi Finds this coming week, Aldi’s latest batch of limited-time items include a $50 Ambiano Air Fryer, a $20 Four-Slice Waffle Maker, and a $5 Raspberry Kringle. They know how to keep us coming back!
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