26 Hand Pie Recipes For Every Meal

Spinach and Cheese Hand Pies Are Savory Pop Tarts

Apple Hand Pies

Use small cookie or pastry cutters to create little steam vents in the tops of these pies for the filling to peek through. You can make these pies as festive or as simple as you want, but however you style them, they’re sure to be absolutely delicious.

Breakfast Pizza Pockets Taste Like Childhood

Fried Blueberry-Ginger Hand Pies

Fresh ginger (or 1/8 teaspoon ground ginger) gives the jammy berry filling a hint of heat. Assemble the pies one day in advance, and refrigerate until you’re ready to fry.

Chicken Curry Moon Pies

Toasting the cumin brings out its flavor, and a bit of Madras curry powder makes this a savory pie that’s as appealing to grown-ups as it is to kids.

Roasted Vegetable and Spinach Turnovers

Fried Apple Pies

There’s enough filling to make a second batch of these delicious pies, or you can freeze it for later. Serve warm or at room temperature.

Ropa Vieja Empanadas

In Latin American cuisine, flank steak is the go-to choice for recipes that call for boiled meat because it shreds beautifully and offers bold flavor. It’s also inexpensive, making it ideal for feeding a crowd. Look for annatto seeds with the spices in Latin markets or the Latin foods aisle of large supermarkets; they add rich golden color and nutty-peppery flavor.


Nutella Pie Pops

Two ingredients plus craft sticks are all you need to make these pie-on-the-go treats. The Nutella melts as the mini pies cook, so let them cool before tasting.

Blackberry Turnovers

When Ruth Reichl was 22–long before she became famous as a restaurant critic, magazine editor, and author–she taught cooking at a glassblowing workshop in the forests north of Seattle. The final week she was there, the wild blackberries ripened all at once, “soft, rich, and juicy,” Reichl says. She picked until her pail overflowed. Then she baked into the night. In the morning, these flaky turnovers were her parting gift to the glassblowers.

Zucchini Empanadas

You can roast and peel the poblano chile up to 1 week before you make this filling. Letting the filling chill before assembling the empanadas congeals the liquids–an essential step to ensuring the pies are properly formed.


Pumpkin Pasties

A favorite treat at any magical feast, pumpkin pasties are surprisingly easy to make (even for muggles). We developed two pumpkin-based fillings—one sweet and one savory—for these buttery hand pies, so they’re perfect for serving (alongside a goblet of pumpkin juice!) at any point during a Harry Potter inspired party. If you’re looking to save a little time and effort, you can certainly opt for prepared, refrigerated pie dough.

Halloween Ham and Cheese Hand Pies

This is an adaptable little recipe. We love the warm, spicy flavor of brown mustard, but feel free to use your family’s favorite mustard. You can also customize the filling by using any kind of thinly sliced cheese and/or meat that you or your kids prefer.

Sweetheart Hand Pies

Raspberry, Lemon, and Spice Pie Hearts

These handheld mini pie hearts have the freshness of lemon with spices for warmth. They’re a great way to impress someone special and making them can also be a fun shared activity. You’ll need a 3-in. heart-shaped cookie cutter; or if you don’t have one, make a 3-in. heart out of cardboard and cut around it.

Severed Hand Pies

This freaky-delicious treat serves up classic flavors with a Halloween twist. Impress your guests with sweet cherry filling in flakey puff pastry… in the shape of a human hand.

Roasted Cherry Hand Pies

Apple-Toffee Hand Pies

Big & Beefy Bean Hand Pies

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Mediterranean Spinach Pies

Mediterranean Spinach Pies Recipe
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Pear-Cranberry Hand Pies

Pear-Cranberry Hand Pies Recipe
These flaky little pies may be the ultimate grab-and-go dessert.Advertisement22 of 26

Big & Meaty Sloppy Joe Hand Pies

Big & Meaty Sloppy Joe Hand Pies Recipe
Enjoy these hand pies made using beef and Pillsbury® Big & Flaky crescent dinner rolls – a delicious dinner that’s ready in 30 minutes.Advertisement23 of 26

Just Peachy Hand Pies

Just Peachy Hand Pies Recipe
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Apple Blintz Hand Pies

Apple Blintz Hand Pies Recipe
These sweet little pies have a lovely filling that combines tart and sweet apples with farmer cheese and cinnamon.Advertisement25 of 26Photo: Romulo Yanes; Styling: Simon Andrews

Savory Sausage, Spinach, and Onion Turnovers

Savory Sausage, Spinach, and Onion Turnovers Recipe
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Big & Tasty Cheeseburger Hand Pies

Big & Tasty Cheeseburger Hand Pies Recipe
Enjoy these cheeseburger hand pies made with beef and Pillsbury® Big & Flaky crescent dinner rolls – a tasty dinner that’s ready in 30 minutes.

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