5 Pumpkin Carving Tools You Can Order on Amazon and Get Right Away

A Drill-Powered Pumpkin Gutter

Word of warning: If you’re planning to carve a whole bunch of pumpkins (enough for the entire family), scooping out the guts will get tiring. The faster and easier way? Invest in this $12 pumpkin gutter tool that attaches to the end of your power drill and works like a hand mixer to scrape away pulp. This way, you’ll spend more time planning your design and less time scooping out pumpkin guts.

To buy: $12, amazon.com.

The Complete Kit

If the entire family plans to carve pumpkins at the same time, you’ll want to order a kit with enough supplies for everyone. Supplement this kit with a serrated knife from your kitchen collection to cut the top off of the pumpkins, then the tools in this kit provide everything you’ll need for carving every last detail on your design. Plus, these tools aren’t disposable, so you can keep them for Halloweens to come.

To buy: $17, amazon.com.

Cookie Cutter with Finger-Safe Grips

To make carving small shapes much easier, one of our favorite pumpkin-carving hacks is using a cookie cutter rather than a paring knife. To start, thin the walls from the inside so they’ll be easier to punch through. Then, choose sturdy metal cookie cutters with plastic grips so the process is easier on your hands. These cutters were designed for vegetables, so they’re durable enough for pumpkin carving.

To buy: $9, amazon.com.

A Sturdy Paring Knife

If you want a paring knife you’ll use long past Halloween, order this lightweight yet surprisingly strong option. For the next couple weeks, use it to carve detailed pumpkin patterns, and afterwards, it’s perfect for preparing root vegetables for Thanksgiving and beyond.

To buy: $20, amazon.com.

A Linocutter for Etching

Traditional pumpkin carving is overrated. To make more intricate designs much easier, try your hand at etching a pumpkin using a linocutter tool. This technique doesn’t carve all the way through the pumpkin (it’s just about scraping off the outer layers of flesh), but it’s easier to make precise cuts.

To buy: $9, amazon.com.

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