‘You can still have wine’: YouTube guru with 400k fans advocates ‘rewarding’ diet plan

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Carly Rowena has amassed a huge following on social media for her workouts and her straight-talking approach to fitness and wellbeing. She spoke with Express.co.uk about a sustainable way to approach eating more healthily.

Carly has been a personal trainer for almost a decade. She focuses on feeling your best and moving in whichever way works best for you.

Her online workout classes, LetsSweat, and her tailored nutritional plans LetsEat aim to help clients boost health and happiness.

The fitness guru has a whopping 420k YouTube subscribers, where she posts workout videos.

The health advocate discussed a key weight loss and fitness approach she suggests for slimming down and sustaining progress.

Carly said: “It’s asking people what we can add-in, which works really well.”

She explained diets often focus on taking food away, instead of adding foods in.

“People never think to add stuff in but that means people can still have their wine and still have the alcohol, but they’re adding in some new things that they weren’t doing before which can generally make a big change.”


Instead of cutting out favourites, such as chocolate and crisps, focus on adding more nutritious foods.

This includes more vegetables and more fruit, as well as healthy proteins.

The workout expert went on: “So instead of taking things away I try and recommend people add something in, which is much more rewarding.”

The same approach applies to a new fitness routine. Carly suggests taking something like this slowly, tackling a new challenge one at a time.

She said: “When starting a new routine, in that first week all I want you to do is I want you to add in a walk, or a workout, or some water.

“Just one thing. Then we slowly added a new thing.

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“If some people are really good at it, they can add a new thing every like two days.

“However, some people really struggle. In that case, just try one new thing every week.”

The wellness aficionado explained why this method works for her clothes.

She said: “If you add in new things, the old things are slowly going to get pushed out without you realising because you won’t have the space or were we thinking about them so much.”

Healthy foods to add to your diet in 2022

Adding foods shown to help support healthy eating and weight loss goals is a smart move. What foods should you eat more of this year?

Chia seeds

Chia seeds contain a huge amount of fibre, a nutrient shown to support weight loss.

Fibre boosts the feeling of fullness and supports healthy gut function.

Studies found adults who ate chia seeds in the morning reported feeling fuller than those who ate a different snack.

Whole eggs

Eggs are high in protein and fat and have been found to increase feelings of fullness.


Nuts are a satiating snack, which has been shown in a study from 2014 to boost metabolism and support weight loss.


Hot spicy chili is not also delicious but can also support weight loss, some studies have shown.

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