Yo-yo dieter drops one stone with diet and exercise overhaul- ‘no longer punishing myself’

Expert explains why enjoying exercise is important

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After Emily Maylam suffered an ankle injury, she was forced to take a step back from the gym and slowly began to neglect her fitness and nutrition. But after finding her passion after two operations saw her gain a significant amount of weight, Emily loss a stone with the help of ditching carb-heavy meals.

But how did she do it?

The 28-year-old got engaged in December 2021, and used her wedding as her motivation to shed some pounds that she’d gained over the pandemic.

She decided to join F45 Kensington Olympia in January 2022, weighing in at 13 stone (85kg).

Emily wanted a “strict process to follow”, as she thought this would “motivate her more than simply joining a gym”.

But it did more for her than she thought, as the program helped her ditch her “yo-yo” dieting mentality and learn more about healthy eating.

Completely dedicated to losing the weight she had gained, Emily prepared all her meals ahead of time to avoid tarnishing her new diet plan.

She admitted the meal prep process was a “challenge” but stuck to all the necessary macros and nutrients she needed to help with her goals.

Emily’s typical day of eating would consist of:


A protein shake


A relatively small lunch, aiming for around 400 calories


A larger last meal, where Emily would consume around 700 calories

By eating to a health diet, Emily found she had a lot more energy and could immediately see differences in her appearance and mindset.

This in turn gave her a “great sense of satisfaction and a boost to continue”.

After losing a stone through eating healthier and following a rigorous training schedule that involved six to seven training sessions per week, Emily said: “Training at F45 makes working out that much easier, due to the buzz and community atmosphere.”

She was pleased to find the studio trainers and members to be kind, supportive and friendly, and gushed over the fact she made good friends through her fitness journey.

Now, the soon-to-be bride “no longer punishes herself” for going over her daily calorie intake and has learnt not to differentiate between “good” and “bad” foods.

She feels more confident in her body than she has ever felt before.

And whilst results won’t happen over night, she advised: “As long as you keep going and set yourself a goal to work towards, you’ll see your desired results in no time.”

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