Woman loses four stone in just months after ‘feeling horrible’

A mother-of-two, Cassie, struggled to lose weight after her pregnancies, despite trying “virtually every fad diet”. She gained four stone and started to feel low and unhappy, especially as she no longer recognised herself in the mirror. In an exclusive interview, the 29-year-old said her clothes began to feel too tight and she had no sense of style.

Cassie told Express.co.uk: “My mental health was really bad, I would look at myself in mirrors or see myself in shop windows when passing and felt horrible.

“The only way I could describe it would be like wearing a fat suit. I just did not feel like myself and knew I needed to make a change.”

Cassie’s physical health also suffered because of her weight gain.

After experiencing a severe spell of dizziness and low blood pressure whilst out walking with her daughter, she was eventually diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and told by her specialist that she would never lose weight, no matter how hard she tired.

But Cassie was intent on achieving her weight loss and fitness goals and did not intend on giving up.

She began following Real World Results on Instagram and their attitude to health, fitness and weight loss resonated with her.

The success stories inspired Cassie to believe that she too could achieve anything and with nothing to lose, she signed up.

Cassie started to eat healthier foods and do more exercise, but she stressed that she learnt “that you can eat anything, just not everything”.

“I kept more to my calories and protein target, but I was allowing myself to eat what I liked within that barrier,” she explained.

Her exercise regime began with simple steps too. “When I first started, I could not work out as I had just had a baby, so the only thing I could do was walk,” Cassie explained.

“I think my first steps target was 8,000 per day.”

But these easy and, most importantly, sustainable changes to her lifestyle and diet meant that Cassie lost 9lbs, or over half a stone, in the first month of her weight loss journey.

Within six months, the mum-of-two had lost three stone, and in just eight short months, she had lost a whopping four stone.

To maintain her ideal weight, Cassie continues to eat a balanced diet and exercises regularly.

She said: “My diet is great and I’m still eating what I want but within a calorie deficit.

“I am now doing about 12,000 steps per day and three weight training work outs at the gym each week.”

Cassie also recognised the importance of believing in yourself and being happy in your body.

Thanks to being assigned to one of Real World Results’ psychologists, Cassie is now proud of her body and all it has achieved, rather than feeling ashamed of it.

Her advice to anyone wanting to lose weight?

“Get a mentor. I would 100 percent not be here without the support from Real World Results. My success had been largely down to them pushing me and helping me on the way that I kept consistent,” Cassie added.

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