Woman drops 7st with easy diet after ‘losing feeling in toes’ – now ‘out in dating world’

Dr Sara explains how being cold could help with weight loss

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Bryony Warren explained: “I decided to lose weight in July 2020, during one of the many lockdowns. I’d started to notice a slight loss of feeling and tingling in my toes. I thought nothing of it for a few weeks. But then decided to use ‘Dr. Google’ and it informed me that it could be a starting sign of diabetes, well that was the shock level I needed to begin my wellness journey.”

After “losing feeling” in her feet and very scared that could be a sign of diabetes, Bryony decided to start her weight loss journey.

She revealed how she did it: “The day I Googled my symptoms, I signed up for Weight Watchers.

“Did their questionnaire and was allocated onto their previous green plan, which was the most restrained, whereby you track everything and it all has a point value.

“I was happy on this because it gave me a control factor and I love food!”

Bryony then started a positive lifestyle based on a balanced and healthy diet.

By following a disciplined but delicious meal plan, she started seeing the results straight away.

“I haven’t completely finished my journey and I’m not at a maintenance stage yet but since July 2020 I’ve lost 96 pounds and I’m still going!

“From 18st three pounds to 11st five pounds,” she revealed.

Bryony admitted her life has drastically changed since losing weight.

“I think the hardest thing for me was that I wasn’t really aware before that I was big and comparing photos of before and after, shocks me at how overweight I was.

“My friends will tell you it never held me back, I’m confident, I work hard and I’m very lucky to have the life I have and the opportunities I’ve been given.

“But [before] I used to hide my weight gain in photos.

“It was harder to dance, harder to walk! I’ve yo-yo dieted [before], but now into WW I’m sticking to the plan. The results are happening and I feel I can make this a lifestyle.

“I was putting myself at serious risk of blood clots due to being on the pill and then I started to lose feeling in my big toes. I knew it was time to take action.

“The weight loss has only made me more of a life seeker I suppose.

“Every day I try and challenge myself a bit more, whether that’s running a bit longer, cooking a new meal, standing up and speaking to a large group or just putting myself out there in the dating world.”

She continued: “It’s been an eye opener at the way my body works and it’s been a journey to understand it and how to nurture it for it to support me in years to come.

“I’ve always had confidence, it’s part of my personality, I’m the group talker and the planner in my friendship group.

“And I’ve never been afraid to put on a bikini and hit the beach club in Marbs. I just think now I appreciate myself so much more for taking the time to love myself a little bit more and do this for me, and nobody else.

“Although I think my mum and dad are much happier that I’m living a healthier lifestyle.”

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