Weight loss: ‘Small changes’ can avoid sacrificing favourite foods – ‘fewer cravings’

Expert explains why enjoying exercise is important

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Summer’s arrived and no one wants to be worrying about what they’re eating and whether the scales will creep up. And with the help of a nutritionist, people don’t have to.

Tamara Willner, a nutritionist at Second Nature, outlines three very simple and easy diet swaps that will allow people to still enjoy their food but at less of a cost to their weight.

“Summer is a time of socialising and it’s important that we let ourselves enjoy these events, rather than feeling restricted by our eating plans,” she said.

“There are plenty of small changes we can make to enjoy socialising without sacrificing our health goals.”

1. Swap cocktails for mocktails

Tamara advises considering opting for sparkling water with fresh fruit and mint or a mocktail recipe instead of a high-calorie alcoholic beverage.

Most cocktails have the highest level of calories because of the sugar in them that makes them taste so delicious.

A typical Cosmopolitan hides around 200 calories inside.


2. Swap buns for sides

Some may think a sausage or a burger isn’t complete without a bun or a roll to accompany it.

But Tamara assured BBQ food doesn’t need to be inherently “unhealthy”.

“Consider swapping your burger or hotdog bun for extra salad on the side,” she said.

“If you are worried about what someone will have at their house, consider taking a dish with you to contribute to the spread.

“Things like halloumi and tabbouleh salad, greek salad, or veggie sticks with dips are a great addition to any BBQ table.”

3. Be picnic smart

It’s that time of year where picnickers are off out and about but Tamara suggests levelling up with snacks packed full of protein and healthy fats.

“By reducing the number of refined carbohydrates we’re packing in our picnic, we’ll naturally increase the amount of protein and healthy fats,” she said.

“We digest protein and healthy fats more slowly than carbohydrates, which means we feel fuller for longer and might experience fewer cravings in between meals.”

She recommended high protein options such as chicken, tofu, smoked salmon, eggs, yoghurt, or cheese.

And for healthy fats, she suggested choosing foods such as avocado, guacamole dip, nuts, nut butter or olives.

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