Weight loss: One woman used this diet plan to shed 2.5 stone – what did she do?

Achieving a weight loss goal can be difficult, so it’s no surprise dieters often flock to social media to share their results once reaching their mark. One woman recently took to Reddit to real her transformation. The slimmer – who goes by the screen name “ladywiththedogs” – posted before and after images, as she revealed she lost an incredible 2.5 stone. She managed to slim down from 14.6st to a much healthier 12.1st for her 5ft 9in frame. So how did she do it?

Weight loss: One woman used this diet plan to shed 2.5 stone – what did she do?

The 27-year-old woman credited her weight loss to portion control and calorie counting.

Speaking to fans of the site, she said: “Portion control is the number 1 game changer in my opinion. Once I started paying attention to what a serving size was and only consuming one serving of something the weight came off.”

She revealed the she tries to stay between ‘1200 and 2200 calories a day depending on the quality of the food, however, find that by eating less calories she was able to lose weight quicker.

“At 1200 I’ll be lean and maybe even be losing weight. At 2200 depending on quality of food I’ll stay the same or fluctuate a few pounds,” she continued.

“The more consistent good food I eat at lower calories per day the more my weight came off.”

It’s recommended that the average woman eat about 2000 calories per day to maintain, while men are required to eat 2500 daily.

However, this depends on numerous factors, such as age, height, current weight, activity levels, metabolic health and so on.

Although this is the recommended daily allowance, you do actually need a calorie deficit to lose weight. This is because excess energy is stored as fat in the body, therefore slimmers need to burn more calories than they eat to shed the pounds.

According to healthline.com, women can eat 1500 calories to lose one pound of weight a week, while men can eat 2000.

Nutritionist Hebe Mills recently spoke to Express.co.uk about calorie counting.

The best way to lose weight is to follow a diet in which you are in a calorie deficit – exercising and reducing the number of calories you are consuming on a daily basis will lead to weight loss and doesn’t require giving anything up.

“Including lots of fruit and vegetables in your diet will naturally make you feel fuller during meal times and will help you to exercise portion control.

“For example, if you’re having a spag bol for supper, why not include some veggies in the Bolognese, have a smaller portion and give yourself a large serving of broccoli on the side to make sure you feel full after eating.”

Some people may opt for a more structured plan to lose weight, and one woman lost 6.5 on the low-carb keto diet. Meanwhile, music mogul Simon Cowell lost 1.5 stone by going vegan.

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