Weight loss: Michael Mosley shares simple everyday exercises to burn fat

Trust Me, I’m a Doctor: Mosley demonstrates at home exercises

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Dr Michael Mosley, creator of Fast 800 has revealed an easy workout anyone can do while going about their business throughout the day. Research suggests exercise carried out in short intensive bursts can be far more effective at helping people lose weight and get fit. 

In a previous episode of Trust Me, I’m a Doctor, Dr Michael demonstrated a series of relatively easy exercises.

He began with a door frame chest press which when done successfully for a while and needs to be made harder, can move to the floor for a press-up. 

Calf raises are “to be done while doing something like the washing up” he explained. 

As for bicep curls, the doctor had chosen “ordinary household items like bags of flour” to increase the intensity of the move. 

One “classic exercise” Dr Michael suggested doing was the lunge “except it’s while your vacuuming”. 

He also showed how someone can do a shopping deadlift and explained: “What you’re doing is bending the knees but keeping flexible. 

“You can make it harder by increasing the weight of your shopping. 

“You do need to be careful about your back with this one,” he advised. 

Another exercise which “works out the muscles in your torso” was the washing basket oblique twist. 

“The idea is you try not to use your knees, you’re just using your abdomen,” Dr Michael said. 

And if you’ve got a few minutes after getting out of the shower, Dr Michael said the towel tricep extension is great for working arm muscles. 

To finish off the day, the presenter suggested the toothbrush squat. 

“The idea is you’re working some of the biggest muscles in your body,” he revealed. “You’re working your bottom and you can make it harder by going slower or doing more.” 

Dr Michael said these exercises should be repeated 12 times and three times a day if possible. 

As for why short periods of exercise are beneficial when it comes to losing weight, over time, it can build muscle. 

Muscle accounts for 20 percent of resting calorie expenditure. 

And so, the more muscle tissue you have, the more energy you burn up at rest.

The Fast 800 explains that by building more muscle tissue, you can expect to achieve: 

– Increased lean body mass and muscle strength

– Better body shape

– An improved resting metabolic rate

– Lower fasting blood glucose

– Lowered risk of osteoporosis, and

– Lowered blood pressure

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