Weight loss: Having more of this food can help burn fat fast – when should you eat it?

When it comes to losing weight, there are many diet plans on the market and knowing which one is best can be a challenge. Many slimmers will attempt to shape up by drastically cutting out food groups, but eating more of a particular food could be the best way to get in shape. Having a diet high in protein, fat and vegetables has been proven to boost the metabolism and burn belly fat. Combining this with a low-carb meal plan could help dieters see the quickest results.

Weight loss diet: High protein low carb diet plan can help burn belly fat fast

What can you eat?

At each meal, slimmers should try and include a protein source, a fat source and a low-carb vegetable.

It is best to do this at every meal and following this rule will mean slimmers will automatically cut back on their carb intake.

Foods high in protein include meats, fish, eggs, nuts, legumes and dairy.

A study published on the US National Library of Medicine revealed increasing the protein intake can boost the metabolism and burn up to 100 calories a day.

When the metabolism is raised, dieters will burn more calories and start to burn fat from across the body.

What’s more, foods high in protein can reduce cravings which means dieters are less likely to overeat or opt for unhealthy snacks.

One study revealed slimmers automatically ate 441 fewer calories per day by eating a high protein diet.

If trying to reduce carbs, slimmers can fill up on vegetables including broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, kale and cabbage.

Eating these foods should also be paired with a portion of fat, such as nuts, avocados, dairy or fatty fish.

Following a high protein diet has also proven to help slimmers lose up to ten pounds in one week.

Although this weight won’t purely be fat, slimmers can notice the scales go down by following the plan.

One low-carb diet plan is the keto diet which reduces the carb intake to around 25 net carbs per day. 

Doing this is thought to put the body into a state called ketosis where it can burn more fat.

A keto-friendly breakfast includes eating eggs, bacon, avocado and cheese.

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