Weight loss: Dr Michael Mosley shares tips to stay slim – how to burn calories

Fast 800: Dr Michael Mosley explains latest weight loss method

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Dr Michael Mosley claimed everyone burns calories differently in their day-to-day lives. While there are NHS guidelines for how many calories slimmers should consume, the expert suggested these do not lead to weight loss for everyone.

Appearing on the show, Dr Mosley examined NHS calorie guidelines and if the recommended figures are actually suitable for losing weight and staying slim.

He explained NHS general guidelines state men should consume 2,500 a day, with women consuming roughly 2,000.

However, Dr Mosley continued to say these numbers could be too high for many hoping to slim down.

“I suspect these figures, for some people, are too high,” the expert said.

“I think the NHS daily calorie intake could be a bit too generous for some people.

“So, how many calories can you really consume if you want to maintain a healthy weight?”

The expert explained people lose weight by burning more calories than they consume.

However, how many calories should be eaten by a dieter depends on their weight, gender and how much muscle they already have.

Dr Mosley explained: “Our weight and body composition affects how many calories we burn when we exercise.”

During the show, he examined how many calories were burned by five volunteers doing similar exercises.

The slimmers wore tracking devices which calculated how active they were and how many calories they burned.

While living fairly active lifestyles, only one of the volunteers came close to burning the NHS daily recommended calories.

Slimmer Katie burned 1,929 calories in an average day, based on Dr Mosley’s calculations.

Tracey burned off around 1,500 calories in an average day, or 1,700 on her most active days.

Volunteer Curtis burned around 2,200 a day, much fewer than the NHS recommendation of 2,500 for a man.

Dr Mosley added: “The studies we’ve done with our volunteers show most of them need 200 to 300 fewer calories than the NHS generally recommends.

“So I’m not convinced these guidelines are useful for everyone.

“With the NHS guidelines, I think they can be helpful for some, but for our five volunteers I think they need a more tailored approach based on their BMI and activity level.”

How to work out how many calories to consume

Speaking on the programme, Dr Mosley said many slimmers need more tailored plans to burn calories and successfully lose weight, or maintain a healthy weight.

He suggested dieting and cutting how many calories are consumed can be a good way to achieve and maintain weight loss.

Dr Mosley added: “I think dieting can be an effective way to reach and maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

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