Weight loss: Dieticians say snacking ‘can be helpful’ when it comes to burning calories

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When people think of snacking, the term is usually associated with, sweets, chocolate and ultimately, weight gain. And it’s true, binging on junk food can allow people pile on the pounds and experience other health problems, but healthy snacks can have great benefits.

According to dieticians, they can be very “helpful” when it comes to your weight loss journey as they can increase nutrient intake, sustain energy levels, and prevent overeating.

It’s critical for people to incorporate nutritious foods into their diets and eating a healthy snack can help you lose weight in the long term.

1. Decrease hunger

Rachel Paul from CollegeNutritionist.com, explained: “If you have five plus hours in between lunch and dinner, having a substantial snack can absolutely be helpful.

“When we get too hungry (i.e. if you try to wait to eat from lunch to dinner with too many hours in between), we often end up feeling ravenous.

“Then we overeat and won’t enjoy the next meal.”

2. Help keep your blood sugar stable

Eating one substantial snack (which should include protein and/or fat)rather than constantly grazing throughout the day can stabilise blood sugar.

Theresa Gentile, owner of Full Plate Nutrition and New York City media rep, New York State Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics said: “By preventing your blood sugar from dipping too low in between meals, you’ll have a more stable insulin response.

“When there’s a large surge of insulin released after a big meal or after a lot of carbs, it can promote more fat storage than if you eat smaller meals.”

3. Keep you going until the next meal

“Snacks are not necessarily designed to make you feel full, but rather to keep you from being as hungry at the next meal,” Amy Goodson, author of The Sports Nutrition Playbook said.

“A nutrient-rich snack that contains fibre and protein will help you get full faster and stay full longer.

“This ultimately helps you stay satiated until mealtime.”

She added: “If you aren’t as hungry at mealtime, it is typically easier to control portion sizes and make better choices.

“This also aids in weight loss.”

4. Hunger control

Chief editor at healthadvise.org Edie Reads, explained: “Snacks allow your body to burn any available calories rather than store them.

“This happens by lowering caloric intake over time and by replacing high sugar snacks with healthier options for something quick in between meals or dinner.”

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