Weight loss: 10 lifestyle habits that make you slim – no strict diet required

Weight loss advice shared by Steve Miller in 2019

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Steve Miller is on a mission to help those who are overweight, get slim. The no-nonsense straight-talking weight loss guru who presented the hit TV show Fat Families has shared 10 lifestyle habits that can result in inches dropping off your waist. There’s no strict diet or rigorous exercise regime involved, just basic steps to follow. 

1. Ditch rigid diets and eat 80 percent healthily and 20 percent a bit of what you fancy instead.

2. Each day, focus on your aspirational life goal rather than being obsessed with food. Allow the life goal to drive you away from eating too much junk food.

3. Learn to control alcohol by becoming indifferent to it and never having it in the house, except for special occasions.

4. Create an aversion to fat habits by observing what you see right in front of you.

5. Create “warning signs” that motivate you to eat better but make them strong.

6. Ditch the drains and surround yourself with radiators. In other words, ditch negative people around you without feeling guilty.

7. When you get out of bed, give yourself a pep talk. Be strong with yourself if needed.

8. Walk taller more. Body language is important because it influences how you are feeling. Walking confidently will help you feel better about yourself and stop you from relying on food for comfort.

9. Motivate your mind to eat less and eat better by placing an aspirational photo in front of you such as an item of clothing you want to fit into.

10. Every time you hear yourself make an excuse for being overweight, mentally yell the word STOP!


Steve is not just targeting overweight Brits, more recently, he has turned his attention to Malta – the fattest country in Europe. 

Steve said: “Malta is the most beautiful country in Europe, and it is being spoilt by a reputation for being too fat. 

“Yes, I use the word fat because euphemisms do nothing but hide the grim health realities of obesity, including early death.

“I am now the only one in the U.K. that is brave and bold enough to tell it as it is when it comes to sorting obesity, which I do because motivating people to live slim, means that you must be tough at times. 

“Trust me, no one loves a fat person like I do, so much so that I don’t mind if I face being unpopular if it means I help get the results that obese people want.” 

He added: “Obesity is not caused by not knowing what to eat, it is caused by not having the right mindset and motivation to eat less, eat better and move a bit more. The mindset and motivation of people are exactly what I sort out.” 

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Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk Steve explained that slimming down Malta will first mean that he goes and lives. 

He revealed: “I want to initially see how Maltese people live, exploring their lifestyle habits, their meal planning routines and their attitudes towards obesity, before implementing a nationwide strategy that delivers tools aligned to

meal planning, mindset programming and sustained willpower.” 

Steve heads to Malta next month and already has Maltese families requesting his straight-talking support. 

Steve has appointed a team that he will lead to collectively support Malta win what he is calling the 2022 Euro-Slim-Vision.

The expert concluded: “If I can get just a small percentage of Maltese people to change their lifestyle habits and move from being categorised as obese to a healthy weight, the goal will have been achieved.”

About Steve Miller 

As the UK’s renowned number one straight-talking weight loss expert, Steve presented Sky 1’s Fat Families and is a regular face on British Television whenever a weight loss debate comes around. 

He also presented a TV series in the Netherlands and is the published author of a range of books including Steve Miller’s Slimming Secrets.

He is a regular contributor to the Daily Express Online and has been featured in several other newspapers.

One of Steve’s most recent achievements was as Co-Founder of the Hypno AntiDepressant and Hypno Anti Anxiety which supports those with emotional eating issues triggered by depression and anxiety. 

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