This $29 Plant Set Is Designed to Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

While air purifiers and filters are helpful tools for removing allergens and pollutants from your home, this pretty $29 plant set will help you do even more.

The “O2 for You Collection” of plants from Costa Farms on Amazon features several beauties touted as the best air purifying plants, according to a study by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Each assortment features a combination of peace lilies, ferns, snake plants (Sansevieria), devil’s ivy (golden pothos), parlor palms (Neanthe bella palm), or dieffenbachia, which are some of the best air cleaning plants when it comes to removing toxic chemicals.

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Buy It! Costa Farms Clean Air O2 For You Houseplant Set, $29;

According to NASA’s research, these houseplants can help eliminate airborne chemicals like benzene, trichlorethylene, and formaldehyde, which are commonly found in household cleaners, paints, paper products, furniture, and more. Two “good-sized” plants for every 100-square-feet is the recommendation from NASA researcher and study author Bill Wolverton, according to TIME.

And while there are so many more plants out there that can help make your home healthier (Madagascar dragon tree, Janet Craig, and fiddle-leaf fig are also good options), this $29 set is an affordable way to incorporate a few more throughout your most trafficked spaces. What’s more, they’re resilient and incredible easy to care for, according to Amazon shoppers. “Love these plants! Every plant I buy dies, but not these babies,” one reviewer wrote. “They are growing beautifully.”

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“These plants are wonderful,” another chimed in. “I was skeptical about purchasing plants online, but these arrived packaged so well and wrapped with care. They were all healthy and happy, and are now thriving in my office!”

Even if you’re confident in your home’s air quality or already own a powerful purifier, this group of greenery is a fun and inexpensive way to bring some natural beauty into your home. Use them to decorate your entryway, living room, bathroom, or bedroom, and you’ll be reminded of the great outdoors every time you step into the space. We can’t think of a more lovely addition to your home than that!

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