There is no ‘miracle’ for weight loss – a ‘calorie deficit’ is ‘enough’, says expert

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Will Girling is a sports nutritionist who has coached professional athletes such as the British Olympic cycling team. Will told that the easiest way to lose weight is to maintain a calorie deficit. What is this?

A calorie deficit is essentially burning more calories than you consume.

However, Will explained this doesn’t necessarily mean you must eat fewer foods.

It simply means changing your diet to eat foods that contain fewer calories.

The sports nutritionist explained: “If you are trying to drop body fat then you do need to be in a calorie deficit so this does mean that you need to eat less calories – but this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to eat less food, because obviously some foods are lower in calories than others.

“My recommendation for people who do not have an eating disorder or disordered eating would be to track your food, and if you are tracking your food and monitoring your weight, but it’s not going down, then the likelihood is either you’re eating too much or not doing enough activity,” Will added.

There are plenty of exercise you can do to lose weight, but Will highlighted the importance of choosing one you enjoy.

He said: “If you look at it purely data driven wise, the exercise that would help you lose weight the most is the one that burns the greatest number of calories per given minute or hour.

“That is most likely running. But what people should do is the one they can do the most consistently, and so what they enjoy doing the most.”

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Will continued: “Any type of exercise that they can do regularly and enjoy it regularly – this is the one they can do long-term, and if they can do it long term then the weight loss and fat loss they have is going to be sustainable and is going to be maintained.

“And that’s the most important thing.”

The sports nutritionist went on to say that there is no “miracle choice” when it comes to weight loss.

People should do what’s best for them and their body, but maintaining a calorie deficit is “more than enough”.

Will said: “There are no specific foods that help with weight loss.

“No food in and of itself will help someone lose more fat.

“Just maintaining a total daily calorie deficit and then having enough protein and carbohydrates to perform and recover from your exercise is more than enough.

“And, of course, maintaining a healthy immune system by having at least five fruit and veg portions a day, which is of course the recommended daily amount by government guidelines.

“One of the main misconceptions of weight loss is that there is a miracle choice,” Will added.

“That there is a best exercise for fat loss, or that there is a best diet for fat loss.

“What’s most important is to understand – and what I’ve found are the three key factors in fat loss and maintaining that – is having the knowledge, having the structure, and having consistency.

“To consistently do those things day in day out, week in week out, to enable them to lose the body fat they want to lose.”

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