The unusual method woman used to lose 1.5st in 4 months with no diet

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As people grow older, losing weight can become more tricky. And for one slimmer, she found losing her baby weight was near enough impossible after having children later in life.

Maxine Booth, an Enfiled-based lymphatic drainage therapist and model, gave birth to her firstborn when she was 36 years old and welcomed her second when she was 41.

But she struggled to shift the post-baby weight, admitting she found it “very difficult”, especially as she was also going through a rough time in her marriage.

According to Baby Centre, six months after giving birth some women retain an average of 11.8lb, meaning that they weigh almost 12lb more than they did before they were pregnant.

With life getting in the way, Maxine’s diet and exercise routine went out the window, and she found she wasn’t shifting the pounds by sticking to a plan.

Her relationship with the two key players in losing weight wasn’t great, explaining: “Dieting or doing any form of exercise was a challenge.”

But by chance, she stumbled upon a method that would change her life forever.

Now, she has lost a whopping 1.5st without changing her diet at all and she refuses to look back.

“I was TV presenting for a Sky channel at the time, which introduced me to a lady who looked amazing,” Maxine recalled.

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“I had to interview her in regards to her rolling machines and this was what gave her the shape she had.”

MPA Rolling Studio claims to be a “smarter way” to achieve the body shape of dreams.

They have helped “thousands” of women change their body shape and get rid of their stubborn body fat just by using the workout method.

Using their client’s transformations as proof, they state their weight loss plans and low-impact exercising methods are “four times more effective” than traditional exercising.

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The technique can significantly reduce stubborn body fat and cellulite and help with muscle recovery, and Maxine found it worked wonders for her.

“After our interview, I decided to join her studio to see whether I could get some similar results,” she said.

“I was amazed! I started losing weight and I had better skin and a lot more energy.”

And it wasn’t long before others began to notice a difference in Maxine as well.

“I had many people compliment me to the extent that I decided to open my own studio and help other women in my position and this is what I still enjoy doing today,” she beamed.

And not only did she shed weight quickly and easily, but she maintained it too, something that was incredibly important to her after spending years being unhappy with how she looked.

She added: “In the end, I lost a whopping 1.5st in four months!

“After being the same weight for years, I have maintained that weight ever since.”

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