The method that is ‘good news’ for keeping weight off and burning fat

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There are many things people do to keep themselves motivated to lose weight and stay fit. A health expert has revealed there’s one key method that “ticks the boxes”.

Personal trainer Chris Ruxton from Deep Freeze and Deep Heat, revealed that music is a “key driver” that keeps people on track to meet their weight loss goals.

Picking the right music tracks will boost performance and drive weight loss, according to new research by Deep Heat.

It acts as a motivational tool, particularly for activities such as running where it’s important to settle into a rhythm.

It can also impact people’s RPE (rating of perceived exertion) so they can continue to push themselves during their workouts.

Chris said: “A new research poll for Deep Freeze and Deep Heat, the go-to cooling and thermotherapy topical solutions our muscles and joints need to help keep us active, has found that more than a third of people (34 percent) listen to music to help motivate their fitness.

“Fitness is crucial for successful weight loss because it uses up calories and builds muscle, which drives up metabolic rate.

“A higher overall metabolic rate helps people to lose weight and keep it off.”

Studies have found that those who listened to their preferred tracks as they cycled, clocked up more kilometres than they did without music.

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Another study found that women’s heart rates hit an intense, calorie-burning zone “much faster” when they listened to music – between 150 and 170 beats per minute.

And while Chris revealed exercise is “crucial”, he explained listening to music while doing it is too. He added: “It can be hard to stick to a regular fitness routine. This is where music ticks the boxes.

“Studies show that listening to your preferred music while exercising improves performance.”

He noted it doesn’t matter what activity a person is doing, music can benefit all exercise methods, such as walking, sprinting, jogging or resistance training.

He continued: “Research has found that exercising to music boosts arousal, mood and neural activity as well as lowering our perception of fatigue.

“So, we can exercise effectively for longer and enjoy it more and good news for weight loss because it enables people to establish a regular exercise routine to complement their healthy diets.

“The right kind of music can even get us into the optimal heart rate zone for fat burning.”

He went on to advise that people should be cautious when choosing the type of music to work out to.

“Whether you love rock, hip hop, classical or 70s disco, the important thing is choosing music that makes you want to exercise,” he said.

“Studies on cyclists and runners have found that enjoyment and interest in exercise is greater when people listen to their favourite tracks.

“And, don’t forget to warm up before exercising too. You don’t want muscle and joint health issues to ruin your fitness plans and ultimately any weight loss goals.”

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