Tess Daly ‘refuses to diet’ and loves ‘healthy pudding’ for breakfast

Strictly: Tess Daly sports stylish golden gown

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Tess Daly, one half of Strictly Come Dancing’s dynamic presenting duo, always looks showstopping – but how does she do it? The star shared how she starts her day, her workout routine and her favourite things to eat.

A morning person who likes to “seize the day”, Tess enjoys breakfast around 8:30am, an hour after she has woken up.

The presenter revealed she works out a couple of times per week and makes sure to eat breakfast 45 minutes before this to give her plenty of “energy”.

Breakfast is typically yoghurt with either blueberries or cherries – with a twist.

Before tucking in, Tess heats the fruit in the microwave so it’s “hot”, then adds some granola and maple syrup or honey.

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She explained: “It’s like pudding for breakfast – but a healthy pudding.”

Tess revealed that she likes to start her day with 20 minutes of yoga.

She said: “I do yoga most mornings – first thing – when I get a bit of time to myself.

“I do Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. It’s awesome and it’s free and she’s got a class for everything.”

Tess explained that there are sessions for relaxing a stiff back, and improving flexibility – “whatever the problem is, she’s got the solution”, she told Women’s Health.

According to Harvard Medical School, yoga is an effective weight loss method for slimmers who are keen to try Tess’ workout.

“There is good research that yoga may help you manage stress, improve your mood, curb emotional eating, and create a community of support, all of which can help with weight loss and maintenance.”

In addition to this, the exercise helps you burn calories, as well as increase muscle mass and tone.

In conversation with Model Ruth Crilly, Tess spoke about her general attitude towards eating.

Speaking about Tess’ long, successful career in modelling, Ruth remarked that when she first started modelling herself, she was told to emulate Tess Daily, who “looks healthy, looks after herself, is fit and looks good”.

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Tess responded: “Because I refused to diet. I said, ‘I can’t diet, I enjoy food too much.”

Rather than restrictive eating, the model has picked up healthy habits that have informed her current attitudes toward food.

She revealed: “I haven’t eaten red meat since I was 16 years old. I couldn’t bear getting gristle in sausages and fat in meats.”

She “does not miss it”, however, and stocks up instead on chicken and fish. 

White meat is a leaner source of protein, with lower fat content, while oily fish is great for heart health due to its omega-3 fatty acids.

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Red meat does provide us with iron, zinc and B vitamins, however, so there is no need to cut it out entirely.

Fit Day recommended:Opt for leaner cuts of red meat, like those that end in “-loin” (sirloin, tenderloin, etc). Further, trim visible fat around the edges to reduce fat intake and avoid charring while cooking. 

“In this way, you can try to reduce the disadvantages of eating red meat.”

Eating healthily is not a chore for Tess as she loves whole foods: “I get really excited about making beautiful salads and grilling vegetables.

“Food is a way to nurture yourself internally. It’s like medicine.”

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