Sue Cleaver weight loss: How Coronation Street actor dropped two dress sizes in months

Lorraine: Corrie star Sue Cleaver shows off pink hair

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Sue Cleaver was a dress size 16 before changing her lifestyle to fit into size 12 clothes. Her secret? Cutting out gluten and following a Meditarranean diet.

Sue has had her fair share of transformations in recent years.

Last June, the soap stalwart appeared on ITV’s Lorraine with pink hair, having dyed it during lockdown from blonde. 

She has also lost a considerable amount of weight since 2016.

By changing her diet and exercise regime, the actor reportedly lost three stone in months.

In 2016, Sue decided to follow a Mediterranean diet, which consists of fuelling your body with healthier foods.

With a focus on eating good oils and fresh vegetables, the diet is known to contribute to weight loss.

It is also beneficial for general health and has been linked to a “healthier heart”, according to the NHS.

Other foods it includes are fruit, nuts, beans, fish, cereals, and grains.

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The diet usually contains a low intake of meat and dairy products.

Sue was motivated to start dieting when she collapsed on set in 2011 due to her diabetes.

At the time, the actor knew she had to change something about her lifestyle.

A source told Woman magazine in 2018: “Sue was always a self-confessed foodie, who admitted that over-indulgence was her Achilles Heel.

“Now everything’s changed.

“Sue’s in her mid-50s so it was a no brainer that cutting down on certain things was what she had to do.

“She’s in this for the long game and wants to live a long, happy and healthy life.”

Cycling has also helped the soap star to maintain her three stone weight loss.

Sue has previously posted on social media about cycling, usually heading out for a bike ride in the mornings.

Gardening is another activity that can contribute to weight loss as you are always on your feet and moving around.

This is something Sue has been experimenting with over the past year.

She told ITV’s Lorraine in June last year: “Yeah we’re doing alright. I mean, like everybody, we have our moments but I’ve turned into a bit of a land girl doing a bit of digging in the garden.

“If I get a bit low then I get out so, like everybody in the country, we’re doing what we can and getting through.”

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