Sheridan Smith weight loss: How did actress and presenter lose two stone in just 14 weeks?

Sheridan Smith will be seen tonight hosting a new programme on BBC One called Musicals: The Greatest Show. Celebrating all things musical theatre from the London Palladium, the show will include performances from Nicole Sherzinger, Michael Ball, and Hamilton cast member Gavin Spokes.

As Sheridan presents the new show, viewers will be reminded of her recent weight loss and how she has succeeded in maintaining it.

The TV star lost two stones in only 14 weeks in 2019, taking to Instagram in September of that year to announce the news to her fans.

She posted two before-and-after images of herself and was clearly pleased with her new appearance, despite writing at the time: “I’m not one for weight loss regimes as I think everyone should be comfortable in their own skin.

“I have lost two stone!” Sheridan added.

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The actress lost weight due to the many hours she spent in 2019 rehearsing for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Joseph the Musical, where Sheridan played the role of four different characters.

Sheridan demonstrated to her fans that moving your body every day can work wonders for weight loss.

It doesn’t matter what kind of exercise you do to lose weight, as long as you are consistent, experts say.

Doing a type of exercise or sport that you enjoy will help with consistency, but there are some fitness routines that will help more than others.

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Sheridan’s sport of choice was dance, as the scenes she had to practice in Joseph the Musical were full of carefully choreographed dance routines.

Experts have noted the incredible health benefits of dance, including how it may help with fat loss, according to Healthline.

Dancing can also improve blood flow, contribute to a stronger immune system, reduce stress, and increase stamina so that you can continue to exercise for longer.

Some types of dance are better for burning more calories than others, such as hip-hop, swing and ballet.

Hip-hop and swing dance routines may enable a person who weighs around 11 stone to burn up to 207 calories in 30 minutes, while ballet may burn up to 179 calories.

Zumba has also been found to help people with weight loss and the usually social aspect of the group dance can improve mental health.

Although you will need to wait until studios re-open to try pole dancing, or pole fitness, it is another type of dance that is great for fat loss.

The fact that it requires people to pull themselves up using their arms and upper body means that pole dancing improves muscle strength, as well as flexibility.

There are plenty of other types of exercise that are beneficial for weight loss, including walking, running, cycling, and yoga.

Walking is an excellent way to fit exercise into your daily routine and is perfect for beginners who are only just starting to lose weight through exercise.

Cycling can help with weight loss, but it can also increase insulin sensitivity and lower the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer, according to Healthline.

Whichever exercise you choose to do to lose weight, consistency is key, as well as a healthy diet.

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